The Artist

        Bridget Griggs photo by Joshua Shultz 


“To me Life IS Art and nothing in this universe is static… always in motion, evolving and expanding. It feels completely innate to express creatively. We are surrounded by infinite creativity,  to resist it is impossible for me, I am constantly exploring and continue to evolve with an immense curiosity… Often I put myself into situations by delving completely into the unknown, that is where I find life’s magic and the infinite ways to express my experience…allowing life’s inspiration and my essence to meet and flow freely…creatively.”

“We are here for a blip and while I am here my goal is to contribute as much as I possibly can…to continue to be inspired by life and hopefully to inspire. My job is to show up, stay open to the moment and to my heart. Whether I am painting, writing, acting, working with kids, spontaneously connecting with the person beside me or spending time with my sons, I am in constant awareness of the blip and my goals to experience and share with others as much as I can…being incredibly aware of what surrounds each moment and being immersed in life. EVOLving by expressing my humanity, along with my creative process is my everyday practice. ” -Bridget Griggs





Bridget Griggs (1968) was born in Canada, where she began her creative journey. In her early career, Bridget’s multifaceted artistic abilities manifested themselves through performance art and modeling, allowing her to explore emotional depths and exposing her to the global community, culture, and art. Today, Bridget’s canvases express the wealth of her collective experiences, the tirelessness of her inquisitive nature, thirst for the undefined and acceptance of the ever-changing. Exploration of emotion and the constantly-shifting universal fiber are fundamental values of her expression. Following in the practice of autonomy and gestural brushwork of the great Abstract Expressionist legacy, she simultaneously identifies with artistic rhetoric of Gerard Richter, Georgia O’Keeffe and Pablo Picasso in her acceptance of the present moment and her strive to contextualize and redefine constructs of reality. Her canvases, utterly imbued with the essence of the artist, achieve a staggering sense of movement and express colorful emotional depths as they capture and suspend their audience in the realm of their painted realities. The innate, explorative truth expressed by the visual dialogue of her painted works has attracted a vast private collector, gallery and corporate clientele following and is sought out by the international creative and design communities. Recognized for her artistic virtuosity, Bridget’s works could be seen in numerous public spaces across Canada and the US, such as in the lobby of The Fairmont Hotel in Calgary,  Odgers Berndtson at the Royal Bank Plaza, Totum Fitness Life Science, offices of the TD Financial Group to name a few. Bridget stays constantly creatively engaged whether traveling across the globe in search for the new frontiers of exploration, or in her native Canada where she paints in her treasured studio space located in the Roncesvalles Village – one of the few remaining artist warehouse spaces in Toronto




Bridget is grateful for the continuous support she receives from many wonderful people all around the world… private collectors, galleries, art consultants, private curators, interior designer stores and her fantastically supportive family and friends.  

Her paintings are regularly featured on Saatchi Art, fulfilling her goal to connect with a global audience.

In Toronto, Bridget is represented by

In Marfa Tx